Jill Cooper: what is Love?

Love is a very interesting thing. It is something that can heal all wounds yet it scares so many people to death. Love is that which opens up all the doors to our true selves shining the light upon the honesty of our souls. Its dangerous because in order to love and be loved it is necessary to be honest. The minute dishonesty enters the picture the doors slam shut and the guardians of distrust re-take their post in front of a wounded heart.

I believe in love, and I choose to love with all the strength the Lord has given me.. this involves sacrifice for I have been wounded numerous times but I choose to continue searching out those who need to be loved, convinced that honesty is the only possibility and that they as humans exist, belong, deserve, and are valued.

For those who fear love, who sooner or later in the darkest angles of their insecurity let lies or deceit creep back in to suck out the beautiful energy of love itself from any relationship I invite you first to Love yourself more, risk being torn, betrayed, accused unjustly, misunderstood – but do not let the love die… because in the end the fear of “love” as you call should actually be the fear of “deceit”.

Sometimes if you’re afraid to love its because you are afraid of yourself and what you might do to kill a beautiful moment because something deep inside you says you don’t deserve it. That voice my friend is the antethesis of love and it can be fought – resisted – silenced.

With love,