Love in the time of Terror

Are you truly afraid to die, or rather or you afraid to live?  With the recent events in and around Europe, the Mid-East and Northern Africa, we are all on edge wondering if we are on the verge of the next world war, or if in all reality it has already begun.  Fear is a very natural first emotion, it would be un-wise and actually unhealthy to not feel fear.  But courage is not about the absence of fear, but rather action despite the paralyzing effect that fear can have on our choices. The terrorists want you to stop living and to live in fear, but fear alone cannot save you from them, it can only make your life a living hell.  Yesterday as I was finishing a SuperJump class it hit me about how fortunate we are to have a crisis like this.

‘Fortunate?!?’ you must be screaming How can we possibly be fortunate in this era of Terror.  Humans have the uncanny ability to not appreciate their fortunes until they are gone.  Marriages slashed apart with the slightest of ease, children abandoned to themselves and their fates.. wealth upon wealth of love, relationships, jobs and opportunities thrown aside, because in our “throw-away” society everything seems to be good for one time only, and if first we aren’t happy forever than never try again. Yet everyone seems unhappy, dissatisfied, lost.

Until now, now we have a common terror, a very real and present threat that is shocking so many people into in-action paralyzing their every decision, instead of what they could truly do: iper-action.  Love more, hug more, say sorry to every person they have slighted, give small compliments and keep promises. Live as if every second is your last…

For once more than ever there is a clear and
present need to make amends and clear the slate.  Put all of your ducks in a row, because NONE OF US KNOW WHICH TIME OR WHAT DAY WILL BE OUR LAST, and heaven forbid you or someone you love actually come to your last second with regrets that cannot be reversed.

In Paris one survivor, said she overheard a couple saying while wounded on the floor how much they loved each other.  In the end, in those last lingering moments of our time on Earth, is that not truly the only thing that matters? Love.

Who we loved, who has loved us, and how hard we lived every moment we could squeeze out of this life, our families, our friends, our talents our communities and work.  We have no control over practically anything, it is not in hiding that we will or can protect ourselves from every event on the Earth that could possibly happen to us.  But what we can control is that we can love harder, deeper, with more integrity and sincerity and honesty and hope and faith and passion.  That IS IN OUR POWER, so that the day our Creator calls us home we can say we lived not in fear but in action.  That we loved 100% in hope and not half-way.  That the loss that we may face could be paralyzing, but living in order to protect oneself from losing just doesn’t make sense.  It’s like living like a zombie, walking but dead inside. but the life lived in love has an immensity that somehow can hold onto a heart and warm it even years after a loved one has left us here alone.

Choose to live now more than ever.. live every second as if it is your last..


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